Clash of Lords 2: The world needs conquering

With over 10 million downloads on Android and a score of 4.5, this strategy game promise to keep you focused and ready for battle. Clash of Lords 2 combines regular battling with magic and mythical creatures into an amazing scene where you are the leader of a wrathful army. Even more, it is available for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and it can be played for free with the possibility of in-app purchases. This may come in handy if you want to advance in the game as some heroes are quite difficult to obtain, but more about this in the gameplay section.

clash of lords 2

The Gameplay

Just like with most strategy games, your first move is to build your camp and mine for resources. You will need coins and fame to move forward in the game which is why you need the necessary structures to produce and store these resources. Also, you will need to create your own army so building your camp is a number one priority. Of course, you have to be concerned with attacks from other camps so make sure to invest some time in a viable defense strategy.

Once you manage to gather enough resources, you have the possibility to hire heroes and this is a good thing as they come with their own squad of mercenaries. This means no more training people one by one – you hire one hero and get a bunch of already trained fighters. There are over 40 heroes to choose from and some are better than others (Ironclad is currently the most famous one and the most difficult to hire).

Great features that shouldn’t be ignored

Even if the game makes you think about other Clash-like mobile games, the wide range of characters and mythical creatures make the Clash of Lords 2 unique and interesting. Even more, as you get more resources and conquer more new territories, your heroes will advance and increase their powers becoming more and more difficult to destroy.

Below are several features that will spice up the gameplay:

  • There is a new Mercenary mode where you decide which hero can be paired with which troop.
  • If you’re not that much into raiding villages and conquering new territories you can always play against another player (the PvP mode) or against the environment (PvE mode).
  • The Guild system allows you to join your friends to fight alongside as allies.
  • If you log in every 2 days, Clash of Lords 2 will reward you with jewels and free heroes.