Jetpack Joyride: Get ready for a crazy ride!

Jetpack Joyride is quite a game! Filled with action and adrenaline-creating situations, this game will surely get you out of your daily routine and put you on the path of creativity and fun! Created and developed by HalfBrick in 2011, the game is a side-scroller, endless runner, action based piece that adrenaline seekers will enjoy exploring. Also, as undeniable proof of its awesomeness, the Android freemium version already reached over 100 million downloads and a 4.4 general score which is absolutely amazing.

Of course, such a great game must be available on more than one or two platforms. So you can play it in browsers (with Flash activated), on PlayStation 4, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8 & 10, Windows 8 & 10 and the obvious mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

jetpack joyride

The gameplay

You are controlling Barry Steakfries, a failed salesman who finds his passion in testing ultra-secret jetpacks (which he actually steals). Now, once he is geared up, your main goal is to help him fly as far as possible and collect as many coins as possible without getting crushed, fried, or electrocuted by the obstacles in his way.

The gameplay is quite challenging as, the further you go the more cunning and difficult avoiding the obstacles will be. This means that you will have to be completely dedicated to the game in order to make sure Barry is not taken by surprise.

The control system is simple as the jetpack reacts to your touch on the screen. Just like with other similar games, when you touch the screen, the jetpack will raise Barry up (the reactor in the jetpack is fired). Also, Barry will fall when there is no interaction with the screen. As you probably figured it out, you don’t have control over Barry’s speed moving forward, you only control the movement on a vertical axis.

Features that make the game fun

The one feature that stands out in Jetpack Joyride is the craziness of the ride. Everything is mixed together: colors, sounds, obstacles, and rewards and this may get you a bit confused in the beginning. We loved the wide range of obstacles (from simple boxes to missiles and fiery columns) and the fact that you can actually get to ride different vehicles.

All in all, the game offers a unique and enticing experience keeping the users focused and ready for action. It is a game that will help you pass the time in a relaxing and fun mode!