Scatter Slots: Have fun in a Virtual-Shaped Las Vegas

If you love Las Vegas and its slot machines, you couldn’t be more right to download and play Scatter Slots! The game comes with amazing graphics and wonderfully charming characters that will lead you through the game, lending a helping hand when necessary. Actually, there is a unique blend of a casino game and RPG elements which make Scatter Slots extremely interesting to try.

scatter slots

To make things even more interesting, you have the possibility to get quite an impressive amount of Scatter Slots free coins and gems from the beginning. For instance, you’ll get a huge casino bonus (12,000,000 coins) to use as you like. Even more, you’ll get more free spins than with every slot machines game you’ve ever played so you don’t have to spend too much of your own money (this is a freemium game).

The game is available for both Android and iOS platforms and you will notice the presence of ads in both versions. However, you won’t be bothered by them during the action. If you’re still not convinced, you should know that Scatter Slots already has over 1 million downloads and people are crazy about it.

A bit about the gameplay

The characters you’ll meet in this game are quite unique and totally unexpected for a slots machine game. For instance, you’ll meet wizards, vampires, warriors, titans, and even a genie as you advance in the game. Unlike other similar games, the main purpose is to complete missions and move up the ladder, not just spinning the wheel and making bets.

We were completely impressed by the amazing backgrounds which depict the characters mentioned above in great details. This, combined with the classic soundtrack, lays the ground for an interesting game with challenging missions.

To make things even more interesting, the game is sprinkled with bonuses, mini-games and other opportunities to win Scatter Slots free coins and gems. So, if you’re a regular player, you won’t ever be left without coins.

The game comes packed with a wide range of modes, and each mode is attractive in its own way. Of course, like most games, there are special themes that are usually released around main holidays. Thus, the background may change if Christmas or Easter is close by.

Time sensitive challenges & social media

The main idea with Scatter Slots is to keep users interested. While you might think that the intricate background designs and the great music would be enough, the developers decided to up their game with time-sensitive challenges.

These are another great opportunity to get Scatter Slots free coins and gems and you should not dismiss them easily. Most are easy to fulfill and only require some patience and participation. For instance, there are special holiday events that may last for a few days, challenges that last for an entire day, and even hourly ones. Each of these challenges will bring you fabulous earnings, but you have to complete them in time.

Scatter Slots also allows you to invite friends for a round of spinning the wheel. Even more, the social aspect is encouraged and you will get more rewards if a friend accepts your invite. All in all, Scatter Slots is a very interesting casino game and, if you like the type, you should give it a chance!